Sonic OMENS COmmunity counter: 4295

All rewards will begin to be determined on 30 December 2022

Type 1 >> 5000

One set of stickers will be raffled for every 1000 participants​

Type 2 >> 10000

For every 2500 participants one item will be raffled to choose from the Accessories category from the website

Type 3 >> 15000

A plush toy will be raffled off for every 5000 participants

Type 4 >> 20000

A minifigure up to 20 cm high will be raffled for every 10000 participants​​​

Type 5 >> 25000

One hoodie will be raffled for every 5000 participants

Type 6 >> 50000

For every 10000 participants, the game Sonic Frontiers will be Raffled

extra Type >> 250000

One computer in the style of Sonic Omens will be raffled

OTHER Prizes

Christmas Event 2021

What else can you get prizes for​​


Help other

Find Secrets
(SITE and Game)

Reach level 40+
in Discord

Participate in events

Tell your friends about the GAME

Only Aliquide is responsible for the honesty and compliance with the conditions of the prize draw for the number of participants. No need to bother anyone about this.